Working as an automation or control engineer is one of the most attractive and high paid jobs in the marketplace. As an automation engineer, you have the opportunity to design sophisticated control and monitoring systems in some of the most strategic and important industries (such as oil, gas,manufacturing and steel). This greatly increases your social status and who doesn’t like high social level jobs?

But in the case that you are looking for a job in this field and you’re a new graduate or just someone who likes to work in this field but doesn’t have the relevant experience, you may find it difficult to find a job. Most of the job advertisements you see around require at least two years of relevant experience.

I’m here to tell you that this is not a problem, it’s an opportunity! Why? Because in this situation most people are not really committed towards acquiring a job in the field and so they give up after applying for one or two jobs. They get preoccupied with other non-relevant job and leave the opportunity for those who know the true value of working in this field and are committed to becoming an automation engineer. It’s this mindset that helped me find my ideal job as an automation engineer (or PLC programmer) when I had no real experience in this field.

- Put yourself ahead of the crowed by educating yourself

When you graduated from college, you found out that there are a lot of people holding the same degree that you do. And a few of them had applied for some practical training programs. If you want to work as an automation engineer you must have to study the area a bit deep.Chose a center with good practical facilities rather than their blah-blah offers.

Having these training courses in your resume showed employers immediately that you are different from the other recent graduates and if they hired you, they’d be able to avoid training me from scratch

- Sell the heck out of yourself!

 Top directors of companies are always looking for someone who can add value to their company. In any circumstance, if they recognize someone who could potentially be effective for their company, they don’t hesitate to hire that person. But you need to show them how good you are.So you’ve got to have the ability and willingness to sell yourself in the best way possible and show and convince employers that you can add value to their company. If you don’t promote yourself, then who will?

- You must be willing to pay the price

If you really want to find a job, you need to have the courage to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Some folks don’t even take the time to fill out an online form for a new job opportunity. Then they wonder why they can’t find a job! Their excuse is “I’m so busy with my current job or with other things in my life. I can’t find time to look for new opportunities.”  My answer is “No, you’re not busy. There is always time to do what you want but the question is what’s the most important?”

- Don’t expect to sit behind a desk at the beginning

One of the mistakes that most young engineers make is that they expect to sit behind a desk right away at their first job in a company as a designer and programmer because they have an engineering degree! But this is actually not ideal. If you’ve been hired as a newbie and you’re asked to do handy work do not waste the opportunity.

So when you’re asked to do this type of hard work, don’t be lazy. Think of it as a learning experience that will lead you to becoming a serious and professional elite automation engineer.

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